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Flaking and powder like paint

Hi I have flaking and dusty paint on walls around plug sockets and other patches at low points and some random areas around 1 metre up. I know there are lots of questions and answers but I would like a definitive answer (if poss) as it seems wall may need to be sealed properly with either pva OR mist coat. Any ideas? As some suggest PVA is a no no. Two separate firms, (one that originally painted it during my refurb then done it again when the problem arose and another set when the problem returned) have tried to correct the problem but each time this problem seems to come back. I am not sure what either firm did by the way. The wall is not damp and has hade a new damp proof course and this has been check and all is good. I would appreciate and feedback as it looks terrible. I have read on here that it could be some type of salt, does that seem plausible?Whichever solution can I just repair the areas and their surrounding areas or do I need to completely do whole wall? Any ideas greatly appreciated. Finally, how many coats would I use for best method and would more undercoats of either be best....I only ask as I really want to ensure this does not come back....well hopefully. thanks Darren

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It is definatly sounding like your damp course has been penatrated are not correctly installed I have a fantastic damp proofer I work along side that would be able to get to the bottom of the issue for you. I have seen the same thing time after time again plastering hope this helps you thanks Martin

Answered 10th Jan 2017

M.S.P Plastering Solutions

Member since 19 Apr 2015

This sounds like rising damp, or best case scenario distemper on the walls.

If it is damp you will likely need to have an injected damp coarse or other damp related works..... get a specialist that offers 10 year guarantee

if it is distemper then there are a number of solvent primers that you can buy to cover the wall before painting. (make sure you buy one specifically for distemper)

*after your edit*
Still sounds like damp to me, if you are seeing salt like crystals it is definitely damp.

Answered 10th Jan 2017

House Doctors

Member since 13 Jul 2011

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