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I am not happy with the builder working for us

Our builder from Chester talks the talk but does not walk the walk. He does not turn up, has very poor management skills,NO project management skills. Where do we stand changing our builder???

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Good Morning - Cheryl_792

First and foremost, have you tried to discuss your concerns with the builder, I know it sounds obvious but is always the best place to start.

Secondly do you have a contract with this builder? If yes, make sure you read through carefully specifically looking for anything with reference to termination of the contract, and or notice periods. To ensure you do not fall foul of any conditions that are in it. Ultimately if he is not sticking to what has been agreed and you have raised concerns with him that he has failed to address, you can usually terminate the contract on those grounds.

If there is no contract, Make sure you can itemise the work that has been completed so far (If any!) including material that has been used and/or left on site. You can then explain the situation to your builder and give a clear breakdown of where things stand, whilst also ensuring that you only pay for works that have been completed, and material that has been used or still on site.

Best of Luck, and I hope this is of some assistance,

Luke - Prestige Energy


Answered 3rd Jan 2017

"we are not happy of your service, we would like to cancel our agreement"
and wait for feedback, be direct!


Answered 9th Mar 2017

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