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New bathroom suite fitted last year. it has left a gap between the tiling and bath.

The gap is a different size around the bath. My husband uses sealant over and over again and it looks a mess. Whats the best thing to do. I said we get a few new tiles and cut them to an appropriate size. The problem is the shape needed to be cut, is not not straight, but mishapen, i.e. with a slant. Are there any alternative products to permantly cover the gap or can a tiler resolve the problem for us.

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When you had the suite renewed, did they redo the tiling, ?
If they did, then its not been done right, if you done it yourself there is a trim you can get to seal gap between bath and tiles, but this never looks right.
Best option if its viable, is get a good tiler in and redo it.


Answered 14th Nov 2011

It sounds like the bath has not been fitted properly. The best thing is to re-fit the bath first with support battens on the wall to stop it sinking when full, then re-tile bottom line of tiles with under tile sealing strip.


Answered 14th Nov 2011

you can get a sealing strip which is L shaped which will bridge the gaop and form a waterproof seal, regards Terry.


Answered 14th Nov 2011

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