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Stage by stage or start to finish?

I'm in the early stages of budgeting and planning a full width single storey rear extension with a knock through on my semi detached house.

Once plans have been drawn up, would there be any reason why I couldn't use different tradesmen for specific jobs?
I.e bricklayer to build walls then stop, roofer to fit the roof?

I'd appreciate your point of view on this as I'm trying to get the most for my money and don't mind getting involved myself.

Thanks, Matthew

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Hi Matthew,

There is no reason why you cannot use different tradesman to do the different trades required to build an extension, but you may not save as much as you think and is a lot more of a headache organising specific trades in at specific times to complete their job on date agreed and also completing on time as if they run over could hold the next tradesman up which would then mess up his schedule, I'm a multi trader and our team complete extensions without the need of different companies getting involved and also project managed by ourselves, which many of my customers prefer as it eases the load of of them, just my thoughts on this hope the build goes well.


Answered 2nd Jan 2017

I'm a great believer that a experienced multi trade is worth his weight in gold. My reason are that it's less complicated to deal with one or two guys than it is to deal with several trades men. they tend to be a lot cheaper in the long run due to them doing everything Also they can't blame another trade for cowboy work. Just make sure you check there portfolio and experience. Hope this helps


Answered 2nd Jan 2017

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