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Best position for trickle vents on french doors

Our upstairs bedroom has a pair of external timber French doors which attract a lot of condensation in winter - mainly collecting on the lower half of the panes.

There are currently no trickle vents, but the doors are such that I could potentially fit them either at the top or the bottom. Which position would be best?

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You do not open trickle vents in winter as you will be letting the cold air In and when it hits the warm air you will have more vapour condensation


Answered 8th Feb 2018

Best position is towards the top, personally I would fit one at the top of each door. If finances allow you would be advised to replace the glass with low energy panels.


Answered 30th Dec 2016

The best position to install trickle vents in French doors will in my opinion always be in the head of each door sash ( door opener ), the reason for this, is you are guaranteed to get the trickle vent away from any internal plaster line, which you almost certainly encounter if you installed the trickle vent in the head of the frame, further more the head of the outer frame on a French door should have reinforcing, this is not the case on the head of a French door sash.

Ventilation should almost certainly cure you condensation problem, but be mindful to leave your trickle vents in the open position at all times.

Hope this helps.


Answered 23rd Mar 2017

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