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Can i put a draught excluder on a fire door?

I have a small entrance area leading into the living room that seems to be lettering cold air in. The front door is PVC and the radiator in the entrance is working well, but I wasn't sure if I am allowed to add a draught excluder on the fire door leading to the living room. Or do I have to buy the heavy duty seal to place around the PVC door?

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If your talking about putting a draft excluder on the bottom of the door then yes you could as this wouldn't compromise the fire door. But if your talking about adding one on the inside of the door frame i would be wary as this could stop the door doing its job. However you should notice that either in the frame or edge of door there is a 9.5mm plastic strip running all the way round this is called a intumescent strip, if you removed this strip you could replace with another intumescent that has a smoke seal on it, the smoke seal looks and would act as a draft excluder. I do recommend that you do get a joiner in to do this. Its a really easy quick job but when it comes to fire doors you should play it safe.

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Answered 30th Dec 2016

Of course you can because you are not degrading the integrity of the fire door - crack on and have draught proof new year!


Answered 30th Dec 2016

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