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Need guidance on quotation for rewire

Does eight thousand pounds sound too much for rewiring a five bed house where all the lights are centrally controlled so there are 40 lighting circuits; about four weeks work for electrician and mate? There is a garage and outside lights/power also.

Thanks for the replies so far. Here is some extra detail that answers questions raised.

There are 40 lighting circuits because it is controlled by a Niko Homebus automation unit, ie the switches link with Cat5 cable to the control box which then turns on the correct mains voltage lighting circuit according to selected mood. There are 15 rooms controlled in this way, some have 3 banks of lights, hence the large number of circuits.

The contractor(s) are either NAPIT or NICEIC registered.

I have two quotes so far at wildly different costs, one half the cost of the other.

The house is effectively new so the wall are unplastered or not covered in plasterboard yet. Downstairs is brick/block and upstairs is timber frame.

The work is detailed in a work schedule I created so nothing is missed and there are plans showing what goes where.

All the fittings are white plastic MK Logic plus apart form the light switches which come from the Niko controller supplier.

Making good is carried out by the plasterer.

Essentially all the electrician has to do is fit a new consumer unit (to replace the temporary supply the builder is using), run the cables to each socket etc., then install the sockets and so on after the plastering. He is also to test everything and provide a certificate.

By the way, a specialist is installing the Niko system, the Cat5 cables and programming it up once complete.

Sorry to go on but cant understand why such a difference in cost and which one is right. Will get a athird quote as suggested.

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For 40 lighting circuits for a five bed house seems way over the top. Without more info eight thousand sounds as if its cheap as it seems like its an ultra high spec job with fancy lighhting controls, so its not just a standard rewire that you'd expect to pay about two thousand for.

Answered 12th Nov 2011

Electrical Safety Services

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Hi Amie
Sounds like a very good price to me is the electrician Registered with the NICEIC or similar is he arranging for the work to be notified for part p of the building Regs have you a complete list of every point per room in writting and have you agreed a sum per point for any extras you may add prior to first fix stage. Make sure you are quoted as soon as you add any item not included in the original quote keep all on an honest basis pay no more than 50% deposit once the work has been started with the final payment including extras to be paid on completion after you have recieved the fully completed installation certificate with all circuits marked and test results filled in. you must be happy with the work before final payment
also remember to ask for the following copy of 3rd party liabilty insurance possible £5 million check up on his qualifications ask to see his certificates that prove he is actually a qualified electrician not a chancer!
I hope this helps
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Answered 12th Nov 2011


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I would recommend getting detailed quotes from at least 3 qualified electricians and comparing the results. You will then be much better placed to judge.

Answered 13th Nov 2011

Page Trading

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I'm not sure why you would require 40 lighting circuits in a 5 bedroom house?? sounds very excessive!
In regards to costing it really depends on your specification that you provide to the company in question, i.e quantities of sockets,lighting points etc.
If you would like all chrome fitments or just standard white plastic, all this has to be taken into account.
I would probably get a 2nd quote and compare the 2 for your own piece of mind
If you would like any help or advice with this please be in touch.
Matt@ Central Contractors Midlands Ltd

Answered 13th Nov 2011

Central Contractors Midlands Ltd

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Iwould say 5k is a bit more like it but i havent seen the property

Answered 12th Nov 2011

m w building construction and property maintenance

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Get at least 3 prices, compare them, like for like, take it from there.

Answered 12th Nov 2011


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Get another couple of quotes so you can compare & you will get your answer.


Answered 12th Nov 2011

carl melady

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its always a good thing to get at least three quotes for any job and this should give you an average price and dont tell the tradesperson any of the other prices you have received as this may make their price biased ie too high

Answered 12th Nov 2011

richard taggart building company

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My first response would be 40 lighting circuits oh my god that cant be correct , do you mean 40 lights within the property ( downlights and pendants ) . Its definitely going to be a case of knowing exactly what your having installed throughout the property to be able to give a cost estimate . I would love to know what your having installed in this property as £8000 if going to make this a high end installation with alot of additional features .

Answered 12th Nov 2011


Member since 28 Feb 2011

Have a look at my website for guidance,it is in my profile

Answered 13th Nov 2011

Elman Ltd

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sounds reasonable ,is he making good as well ,if so fantastic price

Answered 13th Nov 2011


Member since 7 Jun 2008

Hi, it sounds reasonable to me. I am just finishing a 5 bed newbuild with a similar control system and that is about 20K (it has everything in it though)

Answered 28th Dec 2011

LV Electrical

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