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i have a brick out building and got the flat roof resealed its been about 3yrs and gradually it has cracked and bits of the roof have come away what do i do next

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Sounds like you will be forever patching it up and it will never be water tight.
Rip it all of and have an epdm roof fitted.


Answered 11th Nov 2011

basically not enough information on exactly what was done, but if it was just a repair,by sound of it the fact the felt is cracking means its at the end of its life,

as bjd pull it of and get it done properly.

best wishes


Answered 11th Nov 2011

Hi, when you say resealed what do you mean? Has it got a felt roof that was patched up or, asphalt etc. Its hard to give an opinion without knowing all the facts. If roof was stripped and felted for example, it should carry a guarantee. Get back in touch with whoever did it and ask them to come back and have a look. Any reputable builder will do that.



Answered 11th Nov 2011

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