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Condensation since having new fascias

I have recently had new fascias and just been in loft for Xmas decorations and attic full of condensation and everything in attic damp. Any ideas please?

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With the installation of new full replacement fascia soffit and gutters you should get some sort of ventilation method, usually over fascia vents and felt support trays over the top. This comes free with all my full replacement fascia and soffit jobs. This is needed to stop condensation.
Hope this helps and hope you can get this sorted.


Answered 30th Nov 2016

lack of ventilation, the loft area needs more air circulation.

good luck alex


Answered 30th Nov 2016

check if there have been vented soffits fitted if not look at getting some fitted or a few vented rooftiles can help failing that new breathable membrane


Answered 5th Dec 2016

Usually on replacements either ventilated soffit will be used, or vents will be placed in the Soffits.
If either of these options haven't been used this will be the reason why you now have a condensation issue.
The soffit will block of any air circulation if it isn't vented.
It is easy to fix, and I would recommend that you ask the company who completed the work to come and add vents to the soffit for you. This work shouldn't be charged at an extra cost. Thank you Simon


Answered 30th Jan 2017

There is not enough air circulation in the loft space. The builder that done the original job should have used fascia ventilation as explained in a previous answer. The way to fix this without taking apart all of the work that has been done and not causing you to much disturbance is to fit soffit vents. Hope this helps, James


Answered 1st Dec 2016

Air ventilation needed how you get it but get it straight forward really air vents in roofline with some air ventilated tiles hope this helps


Answered 19th Apr 2017

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