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Ub steel beam bolted back to back

Hi. Some time ago,my structural engineer, who is no longer living in the UK, did some calcs stating the size of a steel beam: "section size 2No 203 x 133 x 25 UB. The steel fabricators has quoted 2 pieces of this UB, bolted back to back. The length is 2.1m and will be fitted on the ground floor opening leading into an extension. Is this the standard way it's done? I would have thought 1 beam would be structurally better? Thank you for your advice.

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Hi there. One beam willbe enough with it only being 2.1m. The only time I would bolt two together if it is a really long beam and the access is terrible.


Answered 29th Nov 2016

It is unusual to bolt two steel beams together, and I would assume that the Engineer has specified this because the wall that is being supported is 250mm or wider which is why it needs two beams? You would expect the Engineer to specify provide more detail than this if he was intending them being bolted together, i.e. how are the bolted, what kind of bolts will be used and at what centres?


Answered 29th Nov 2016

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