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Roof in my loft needs insulating

There is NO felt on my roof, just tiles. I would like to insulate my roof to stop the heat escaping, and to make the loft look a bit cleaner. I don't know what i need to buy. Can i buy insulated boards and fit them between the rafters or do i need breathable membrane that i just staple to the rafters.

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100mm between the joists 200mm across the joist normol loft rolls.
stapling roof felt to the inside of the loft is the biggest waste of time and money, unfortunately if you want to under felt the roof the only way is to remove all tiles and under felt from the top or else you wont be able to seal it properly.

good luck alex


Answered 20th Nov 2016

1st;To insulate your loft area you need to know if there is any insulation all ready in place? if so how much, your requirements should be 270mm-300mm depends on the area you live in, downsouth south use to be 270mm and up north 300mm. if there is no insulation in your loft area, then it is called a virgin loft..300mm of loft insulation can be made up from putting 100mm in first between your joists then cross laying 200mm to stop cold bridging which would make up your 300mm/or do the same above but only usding 150mm....150mm in between joists and cross lay 150mm....another good way of using your loft and keeping it insulated and clean, is to board some of your loft out,and use for storage. loft board are 18mm thick and as long as you have 100-150mm of insulation underneath the boarded area thats fine. hope this may help you out alex? kind regards chris (outwood insulation)


Answered 22nd Nov 2016

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