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Fitter refusing to connect gas hob as gas meter is too close to electric

The title says it all really.

I had a new replacement gas hob and boiler fitted to an existing installation by a local Gas Safe engineer. However the hob failed (ignition circuitry malfunctioned) and whirlpool who manufactured it arranged to warranty replace the whole thing (there were loads of problems trying to get the part required).

The Whirlpool fitter came today, disconnected the old hob (during which time he switched off the mains so had access to the meter cupboard).

He then proceeded to remove the old hob and replace it with the new one.

He then said that the gas meter is too close to the electric meter so would not proceed with the connection to the gas as it is unsafe. He implied (I wasn't in, so my wife spoke with him) that it could not be connected until the gas and/or electric meter had been separated.

It is true that the gas meter is not 150mm away from the electric meter however this is an old house in which the meters were fitted many years ago - I believe before the intro of the regs that apply.

However I am now left without a hob(!).

My question is whether he is right to refuse to connect as the gas meter was sited before the regulations requiring a gap of 150mm came in and at the time complied with all relevant regs.

Many thanks - hoping for some guidance as I have a young family and could really do with cooking them some food(!)

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I have not seen the situation so do not know if it looks like an unsafe situation i.e. badly fitted equipment or possibly actually touching. other than that sounds like an extreme reaction but If you fit a piece of non combustible, non conductible sheet material between the two all regs will be satisfied. Even the ambiguous ones.


Answered 18th Nov 2016

If there was any safety issue then the installer should have been aware of this before removing the old hob. The installer would have bad to perform a tightness test at the meter before removing the old hob so he/she should have noticed this before starting the work. Also if there was any issue regarding safety he/she would have made the gas safe or left you a warning notice. Without seeing the meter it is hard to judge but sounds like a minor defect which dose not restrict you having the installation carried out. Hope this helps.


Answered 14th May 2017

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