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I live in a bungalow and the 20 year old chimney on the outside wall is pot lined. i am wanting to install a multifuel stove. do i need to re-line it?

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You should be ok, but you will need a Hetas registered installer to fit the stove etc, who will then issue a certificate.
If you do it yourself, you will need to inform BCO, pay their fees, and they will inspect and certify.
I would always advise to fit a twin wall stainless steel liner.


Answered 6th Nov 2011

As BJD Roofing says, you may get away with it, but it will always be a better job if you drop a liner inside the clay liners. This will give the stove the correct size flue for the stove which will optimize the efficiency of the appliance, it will also guarantee that the fumes can not escape anywhere. Clay liners can be a good system but it is very much dependent on the installer. They are notorious for offset joints and no back filling which could allow fumes to come back into the property. If you definitely want to go ahead without a liner then i would recommend you have a pressure test carried out on the flue.


Answered 16th Nov 2011

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