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Unsightly expanding foam round windows and door on exterior

Had problem with draughts from windows and door in extension built for disabled son. One of several jobs hired Handyman from this site asked to deal with last October. He recommended expanding foam and duly put round all windows and doors. When he finished I commented on rough appearance and he said I could go round with sharp knife to trim excess when dry. (I am disabled and not able to do) However, he took his money and left. I now have a major problem in that all the foam has turned a nasty yellow colour and looks like a fungus surrounding the windows etc. I am sick of explaining what it is! What is the remedy? Have it all removed and then find another solution for draughts? He has declined to answer my emails. There are several other issues with work he carried out. I do not keep well and know I should have pursued the matter with the builder before this but havent been able to face any upset,

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sorry to hear you've had a bad experience, hope have you left him the appropriate feed back.
the doors & windows should have been sealed by the original builder with silicone and trim providing the gaps where not to big, without looking at the issue its not really possible to say what the best solution maybe.
your best bet would be to get a local builder/ expert round to see what can be achieved.

good luck Alex


Answered 16th Oct 2016

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