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I've stripped the old plaster back to brick on the bedroom walls of a house I'm renovating.

i want it to be replastered via wet method and would like to attempt it myself, and have a few questions.

1 Would I need to PVA the brickwork first?
2 I want to use hardwall for a more durable base as they will be children's bedrooms, can this be done in stages (half a wall at a time) or 1 wall at a time?

3 Would it be easier for a beginner to use plastering sand and cement as a base coat and should this be allowed to dry fully before skimming?

I did attempt to apply hardwall back in the summer, but I found it was drying out quicker than i could get it on the wall and smooth it out (Inthink the room temperature had a big part in this). So not afraid to take it off and start again.

I work 12 hour shifts on a 4 on 4 off pattern so have plenty of time to try and learn the skills.

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1- Just damp down, no PVA needed
2- I prefer to use Sand and Cement rather than hardwall, S+C with waterproofer added will give you much better water resisting properties, Hardwall draws moisture.
3- Building sand is fine for floating.

In plastering one of the most important aspects is background prep, which alot of DIY'ers do not consider. If it is going off too fast you have too high suction which needs to be reduced before mixing materials!!


Answered 8th Oct 2016

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