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I am thinking of putting in an offer for a house but would like to convert the integral garage to make another room. before i put in the offer i would like a rough estimate of cost.

The garage is 16' 1 x 7'11 and the house is 20 years old. Do I need planning permission?

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You would not need planning permission you would require building regulations.

price around £5000 - £7000

thanks john


Answered 9th Mar 2011

You would not need planning permission for this in 95% of cases. However you would require building regs.

A good guide price for a basic garage conversion including building regs would be £5000 - £7500.

Hope this helps.

Dan Connelly
Contracts manager
CPM Construction ltd


Answered 9th Mar 2011

around 10k depending on spec some areas will require planning ,but in all cases go through building control and get building cert sign off


Answered 9th Mar 2011

Hello. I have completed several of these and they have been done on a building notice and if building control are happy then you can start the work but do have to have the building inspector visit at certain intervals.
Cost can alter quite considerably because of certain factors such as the intended use of the new room, insulation required, any structural alterations,drains, heating, electrics and final finish.
I agree with CPM construction a good guide cost is £5000 - £7500.
Hope this helps
Kind regards
NR Building Services.


Answered 9th Mar 2011

Hi, you need to enquire with your local authority about planning permission. All you need to do is ask if permitted rights for garage conversions are still intact on the property. If they are, then you don't need planning permission but if they aren't you will need to apply although there will be no fee. You will need to get building regulation approval which can be done via full plans (you will need some drawings done which is always preferable) or a building notice (no drawings needed but can be a bit more expensive). A quote would be at least £5k but this will change depending on area, size of garage, use of room, standard of finish you need etc. and you would probably need to add on any relevant planning and building regs costs.



Answered 2nd Apr 2011

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