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My boiler was fitted without an overflow pipe is this dangerous?

Hello, I rent a property which was built 4 years ago. I had a recent gas safety check and the gas engineer issued the certificate. 3 days later I discovered water pouring out from underneath the boiler into the airing cupboard, which had been absorbed by my bedding and towels and had filled 2 x 100L toy boxes, which were underneath. The company who fitted the boiler came out shortly after and fitted a pressure relief pipe. I have a couple of questions - 1) Is it dangerous for there not to have been an overflow pipe (pressure relief) fitted? 2) Should a gas safety certificate have been issued when there is no overflow pipe (pressure relief)? 3) I have been offered compensation by the company that fitted the boiler, as I don't have any contents insurance, however it doesn't cover the damaged toys (electrical), or the bedding as it was covered in rust from the pipes. I don't want to cause a fuss, however do I have a leg to stand on? Thank you.

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Boilers are not fitted with over flow pipes, so either you are referring to the Pressure Relief pipework or the condensation pipe. Or are you mistaken and it is infarct an unvented cylinder which do have water management discharge pipework fitted, please confirm?


Answered 7th Oct 2016

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