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Im having my house rewired and am now told its extra for installing wiring for the cenral heating. is this normall?

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Possibly? With any rewiring the electrician should have walked round the property with you, room by room and prepared a schedule listing all the lights, swicthes, sockets etc to be replaced and agreed the positions. It would have been on the schedule that he based his quote for the job. So if you asked for the central heating wiring to be included then you would expect it to be rewired for the total price you have agreed.

However other than the obvious fused spur for the mnain power to the boiler, the wiring for the central heating pump and thermostat etc could well have been missed off and your electrician may have assumed that this is part of the central heating system, which in reality it is. So if it was not specifically discussed/agreed, then its not wholly unreasonable for the electrician to ask for extra money to rewire this if thats now what you want.


Answered 31st Oct 2011

I would agree entirely with the above post, you must make it clear what you want doing at the quotation stage, if you did, then your quote is based on that.


Answered 31st Oct 2011

Hi Bill
Heating wiring is usually up to date in most propertys and does not need rewiring we usually specify all points that we are going to rewire. if the boiler position or thermostats are being repositioned and the electrician was aware you should have discussed it with him during the quotation stage but as most heating systems are different and the control wiring details not known by the electrician the central heating engineer will design it and probably after the electrician has quoted it is not included in the price as it is an unknown quantity. It is in effect a seperate system and only the main supply/fused spur is usually included.
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Answered 1st Nov 2011

Again I would agree with the above it really should have been agreed at the quotation stage. If you made it clear that you wanted the heating included in the rewire then it shold be included in your initial quote.


Answered 2nd Nov 2011

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