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Fireplace only has one opening and travels up through house - confused!

I have the open fire on the ground floor. I use it sometimes with coal etc . I assumed that there would be an opening in the room above in the bedroom. Well I don’t and there is no hearth (and does not look like there ever was one) and it all looks original.

In the ajoining room that backs on to this room there is a hearth only with a hole in the wall (it doesn’t have a chimney breast but a metal plate going through the wall to a ceramic pipe that seems to go up to the roof and down to the kitchen. In total I have 2 chimney pots outside - One for the fire (ground floor) and whatever was connected in the upstairs back room I think. So openings jump sides by elevation with a separate pot . House built in 1929 and not sure if this was accepted architectural design at that time?

My assumption was I would need to put in a air brick in that front 1st floor room but it seems to be just a continuation of the same chimney from ground floor . Want to resist opening it up as I would lose that fire due to the airbrick and possible exhaust gas leakage.

My question is - How common is it to have just a chimney passing a room and having no opening? (I am told fires wont share the same pot on a chimney). That front bedroom just has a chimney breast and no opening !

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I would suggest, to be on the safe side have the chimney and flue that you use lined, fit vents to the redundant flues.


Answered 31st Oct 2011

If it aint broke dont fix it is a wise saying, first stop have your chimney cleaned by a registered chimney sweep tell him your concerns he will know about chimneys and will be able to advise you
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Answered 1st Nov 2011

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