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I have a light spuring off a plug socket (via a fuse). what size cable would i need to run from the fuse to the lights please? would it be normal lighting cable or ring main cable?

Would I need any specific lights - I'm just worried that I'd have a greater voltage running through a socket spur compared to the lighting ring, so I didn't want to risk blowing the lights?

Thank you in advance.

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due to the fact you have spur switch fuse maximum 13amps so a max of 1.5 csa cable size will be ok or 5a fuse 1.00 mm csa fine or 3a fuse 0.75 mm ,again it depends of type of wiring ,though i would not worry to much about it .
good luke.


Answered 26th Oct 2011

you only need lighting cable, the voltage is the same for sockets and lighting it is the amperage that counts, make sure that the fuse in the plug is not greater than 5 amps, regards Terry.


Answered 26th Oct 2011

Ideally you would need to run a 1.5 Twin & Earth from the Switched/unswitched fused spur. the fuse needs to be 5 Amp. The voltage will be the same throughout the installation (230Volts), If you have any doubts I would suggest you get a qualified electrician in to at least have a look and check everything is ok. If you live in East Sussex I would gladly come and have a look for you

Kind regards



Answered 26th Oct 2011

Hello Newman.
After fused spur you can run 1.5sqmm cable but if it will be just one light fitting better change fuse in FCU for 3A fuse.
Hope it'll help.


Answered 26th Oct 2011

If it's not above 800 watts in total, you're fine with a 3 amp fuse.


Answered 20th Sep 2013

hi, it would be normal lighting cable come out of spur, but you need a 3amp fuse in your fuse spur.

how many light are you going to be fitting and what is the total wattage ?



Answered 26th Oct 2011

It doesn't matter how many lights, because everything nowadays is LED=low voltage (which consume very low current also). So your ok with 3A fuse. Don't worry just relax save money👍👍👍


Answered 24th Nov 2019

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