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Pavement tree roots coming up through bricks of driveway - need quotes on headed paper for council insurance job. insurance company not being very cooperative!

There is a tree on the pavement in front of our house and the roots of which are coming up through our front driveway. Not only have the roots pushed through the tarmacced road but the paving slabs on the pavement and our driveway.
I contacted the council about this and they forwarded it to their insurance company who simply asked for pictures and a quote on headed paper. I got them the pictures and the quote to which they said that the quote should only be for the affected area (which they hadn’t said previously) and I was being outrageous for asking for the whole driveway to be done! So then I tried to get quotes for the affected area but as soon as people heard it was a council insurance job they didn’t get back to me. I told them of this and said if they could provide assistance and a site visit at a mutually convenient time to determine the affected area as they saw it, it would be extremely helpful. They said it was my responsibility to get the quote and to prove that there was a claim!
In the meantime, tragically my father passed away and my mind was on other things. A few months later they said that as I hadn’t been in touch they would close the claim. I told them the situation, I told them that the list of tradesmen I contacted were not willing to provide quotes, that the paving slabs were a personal injury claim waiting to happen and a site visit would be beneficial to both parties. Again, they said that it was my responsibility but imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks later the road and pavement have been tarmacced! So its just my front driveway that they are not willing to do. I tried to get another quote and they said that whats to stop the damage happening again in 5/10/25 years time and I have to go through this all again? He said Its better to remove the tree completely. To which the Insurance Company said “We fail to understand why you believe that your contractor's views on tree removal seems to be right and that they have to dictate the extent of work irrespective of the extent of damage. The writer believes that under the present economic circumstances, there will be the possibility for contractors to be looking for work for themselves (whether by making a smaller work look big or otherwise).”. I’m at my wits end with them as they don’t seem to budge an inch where it concerns my driveway but they fixed their own pavement and road for fear of an injury claim!

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ok you need to post a job on this site, then get some contractors to price your job. all the best trojan paving


Answered 26th Oct 2011

Place your job in the Post a Job section on this site.
Just put a brief description of the works, you can then explain it to the contractors you choose.


Answered 26th Oct 2011

have you got this sorted yet ?? my partner works in local government and they are extremely hard now days to claim off usually you will have to fork out the money and then claim it back if you post the job on here then us builders can get in touch and come and visit to give you a quote


Answered 2nd Nov 2011

It might be worth trying some legal advice and perhaps it may go to a small claims court but you will need all your supporting evidence. Photos will be good and all people you have dealt with and when. I would then perhaps move to get the work done as it may cost you. You may be surprised they may start to listen hopefully as if the council is in breach of the rules they may act when threatened when in the wrong.
Good luck & Regards
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Answered 25th Mar 2014

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