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Is it good idea to start building extension in november?

hi...I would love to start to build an extension asap...some builders are saying this is not a good idea...any thoughts?

thank you

thank you again !

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All building work is Fine all year round. Ideally you would have your extension built in the summer but of course these months are busy and I would imagine you should get a better price for the works in the winter! I would complete this type of work all year but as a customer you should be aware that the build may take a little longer -due to weather! and the only considering factor is the temperature - You should not be working with cement based products below +5 degrees centigrade. Good luck. CAL Builders


Answered 1st Nov 2011

if the job is managed correctly there is no reason why you carnt start your extension as long as the weather isnt below freezing and raining .once the roof is made water tight is should be all systems go.


Answered 27th Oct 2011

If the weather is good you can even Start on Christamas week



Answered 25th Oct 2011

There is not really a good time to start an extension. They are always inconvenient to the customer, however a good builder should be able to minimise your inconvenience and make it as comfortable as possible for you during the project.

November's weather can be an obstacle for some extensions and may cause delays due to rainfall or freezing conditions as certain jobs are not permissible due sub zero temperatures as it effects the quality.

We have undertaken several projects and we have never let the month determine whether we start. We just ensure we alert the customer of the potential delays and try to work around them as much as we can.

Soon as an extension has a roof then there are no reasons why weather, month, or time should effect works.


Answered 25th Oct 2011

Nothing wrong with building any time of the year.
Obviously you may get set backs with any inclement weather, you wont be able to lay bricks below 5%.
But all works can be covered up, if you want to start asap, carry on.


Answered 25th Oct 2011

its ok to lay bricks at 3 degrees and rising .. hope this is helpfull


Answered 30th Oct 2011

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