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Consumer unit in toilet

Is it legal to have a consumer unit above a toilet?

My daughter has just bought a new Bellway house. This is where they've put the consumer unit and another box. It's a complete eyesore! I don't understand why they didn't route it a small distance further to the cupboard under the stairs. I was hoping the above is against regulations. Any input gratefully received.

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Hi if it's in a cloakroom ie toilet & basin only then above the toilet is fine & not against regulations. I suspect they have put it their because it's an outside wall & it backs onto where electricity board have put there meter & supply cabinet. It could have been put elsewhere using a switch fuse & armoured cable but this would have added cost to the job & the builder is probably trying to maximise his profit so has put it where it's easiest


Answered 12th Jul 2016

This is very common in new builds of last few years .
My opinion is its not very practical in a room used by all members of a family on a daily basis inc ( children) .
This said it is not dangerous according to British Standards whilst all circuits are RCD protected .
As previous Sparky has said it maximises profit for large contractors who also usually build a garage and include no lighting or power. :(


Answered 14th Jul 2016

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