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Fixing skirting boards to walls

What's the best way to fix skirting boards to walls? The walls have been freshly boarded, skimmed & painted. I'm using a pre-finished MDF skirting (looks like a plastic-like covering on the front). I have fitted some lengths using "instant grab adhesive"...however a week later and some of the skirting has fallen off the wall!

Any advice?


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Pink grip is also a better alternative to grip fill. It has a stronger hold.


Answered 15th Jul 2016

Don't use Gripfill I haven't used it for years it's undependable. It was ok when there was nothing else suitable available. I recommend to use Liquid Nail adhesive.


Answered 3rd Aug 2016

Grip fill in a zig zag line across the whole piece of skirting you are fixing, then lift into place and press tight against the wall then use a second fix Nail gun with 38mm brad nails to pin along about every foot or so along the top of the skirting. Making sure you miss any pipes or electrics.


Answered 10th Jul 2016

To add to what Tru English Bespoke Joinery Ltd has said. Gripfill has a tendancy to lose its effectiveness after 1 minute after it comes out of the tube. so applying the adhesive and pinning straight away is important for the gripfill to do its work while the pins will hold it in place.


Answered 13th Jul 2016

I agree with all the above. I will add. When you use adhesive to fix anything. Both surfaces should be grease and dust free. Also before fixing rub the surfaces together. This is known as a rub joint. It will spreads out the adhesive on both surfaces.


Answered 31st Dec 2018

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