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Ceramic tiling distance from the wall.

I have large 45x45cm ceramic wall and floor tiles being installed in my bathroom.

I have noticed the tile my builder has laid have a big spacing gap (big enough to fit my finger) between the tile and the wall. I was wondering why that would be.

any ideas?

Also I want to have a mosaic tile border runnning across my bathroom continued into the shower. The only thing is my shower mixer is dead centre in the shower. Ny tiler has said he can't place mosaic as this might cause a potential leak.

Is this true?

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There should never be a gap that big, that is just plain ugly. The tiles should all be cut as tight and neat to the wall as possible. Has the walls still to be tiled? If so once the walls are tiled that should probably cover it.
As for the mosaic it sounds like he can't be bothered to individually cut the mosaics around the shower valve. If done properly mosaic is no different to a tile around a shower valve, SWIMMING POOLS are done in mosaic.
Again has the walls been tiled yet? If not he could adjust the height of where the mosaic border would come in so that it misses the valve.

Hope this helps.


Answered 23rd Oct 2011

michael lamb ceramic tile fixers

Member since 30 Sep 2011

It is possible that the builder has not used an appropriate method of fixing tiles, namely "dot & dab". This is where a number of spots of adhesive are put onto the wall and the tiles are then pressed into these.

Dependent upon the weight of the tiles and the surface they are being affixed to, there are British Standards as to the type of adhesive and the adhesion of tile to adhesive. If your installation is part of a new build there is no reason why the builder could not ensure the correct process is followed, just as the work I start tomorrow Monday, where I need to use a rapid setting adhesive onto plain plaster-board walls.

Layout is the most important element when including a border. As the border costs you significantly more than the ordinary tiles I try not to run the border through where the shower valve is fitted. This does not mean you will get a leak. There are many customers who have their whole bathroom tiled with mosaics and never have a problem. Also, if the tiles are standing so far off the wall the installer should be using mosaic spacers behind the tiles to make sure they are level with the other tiles and also flat.

With the shower you can apply a tanking membrane that will help to reduce the potential for major damage if there is a leak.

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

KBF Solutions Ltd

Member since 7 Oct 2011

the tiling gap is poor tradesman work the gap should not be that big it should all be equal spacing gaps. as for the mosaic apparently causing a leak is plain rubbish as the gaps will be grouted anyway with a waterproof grout or siliconed round the shower mixer. hope this helps

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

a1 plastering & tiling

Member since 10 Oct 2011

There shouldnt be a gap between wall and floor. gaps between each tile can vary but wall and floor should be gap free

Answered 27th Oct 2011

Ambux Ltd

Member since 24 Oct 2011

hello there , the only reason for any substantial gap in any tiling job is if there is need for an expansion between tiled areas however this should never be the case in small domestic areas , and as a note to another comment made regarding the 'dot and dab' method , this should NEVER be used as it creates weak points in the tile as behind the tile u get hollow areas so tiles are very prone to cracking and damage especially if u need to fix anything to them , the 'tile association' may be able to offer you more specific advise but personally i find a solid bed of adhesive means you have a much better job and will leave you with a lot better and safer finish that will last ten times longer

Answered 5th Dec 2011

LG Tiling

Member since 6 Nov 2011

not sure why such a large gap,maybe ask your builder?

Answered 23rd Oct 2011


Member since 22 Nov 2010

I never leave any large gaps between the floors and the walls when i tile i try my best to keep the gap the same as the spaces between the tiles.
I have never ever had a problem with leaks and mosaic tiles anywhere in the house. I have been fitting and tiling bathrooms for four years.

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

peter hayward

Member since 15 Oct 2011

Hi cayol
There should not be a gap behind the tiles especially if they are large tiles as they may fall off the wall as the adhesive will not dry at a large depth
As for the mosiac tiles around the mixer if they are fitted and grouted well you will not have any problems

Hope this has helped

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

E & R Flooring

Member since 30 Apr 2010

hi, spaceing no more than 2mm to 5mm and yes you can use mosaic up to mixer .you can seal with clear silcone.round the crome fixing.

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

G.B Bathrooms U.K

Member since 27 Nov 2009

we would reccomend a 3mm grout join in wall tiles as this is suffienciant the gap he has used is far to big you may find problems in the future with this. mosiac to the mixer is ok

Answered 27th Oct 2011

Stiled Home Improvements Ltd

Member since 6 Oct 2010

Doesnt sound a good tiler to me.

Answered 23rd Oct 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

To be honest from what you have said this is something a professional ceramic tiler would not do. Having spacing between tiles that’s large that you can actually get your finger in . This is not acceptable and as for the mosaic border that is a cop out. I certainly wouldn’t pay for this shoddy workmanship. You need to get a professional in for a second opinion.

Best regards

Answered 1st Aug 2018

PJ Quinn Ceramic Tiling

Member since 24 Jul 2018

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