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Remove kitchen wall, insert rsj

Please can you give me some advice, I want to knock down the joining wall between my kitchen and dining room, as it is load bearing I will need to put in an RSJ. Will I need to seek a Structural Engineer or a Quantity Surveyor? I will also need some advice re. building regulations. Will I be required to get these in advance of the work or will this be organised for me by the builder/surveyor?

An urgent response would be appreciated!



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hi jeni
yes you will need a structural engineer to calculate load bearings etc, so steel suppliers can make the correct sized steel for your opening.dont forget the steel needs to have a minimum bearing each end of 150mm, sitting on concrete pads.
also you will need your local building control to inspect the steel after its been fitted, when they have passed the steel fitting, you will need to apply 2 x layers of fire check plasterboard around steel, then plaster.
when you have your engineers calculations, you should take it to the building control office [ as they need a copy] & tell them what you have planned, they will get you to fill in form & pay thier fees up front prior to starting work.
thanks ian rice building

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

ian rice building

Member since 30 Jun 2008

Hi ,

As this is load bearing wall you definitely need RSJ.
However before starting any work you need structure engineer to do his calculations what size RSJ you need then he will provide you calculation and drawings which need to be sended to building control.Surveyer can supply you with one copy so you can supply to builder that copy then another copy he can send to building control.
While work start make sure builder call building inspector to show him/her the work his doing before cavering RSJ with any plasterrboards etc. which beside need to be in two leyers. Building inspector needs to see padstones , Fitted rsj.

Hope thats help,
Kind Regards,

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

Sebster Services Ltd

Member since 11 May 2011

You will need a structural engineer to calculate the size of the beam to take the load.As for building regs,ask the builders that come to quote for the work as some will do this for you and some dont.Also if you like a particular builder (not all jobs are given on a price basis!) dont worry if he doesnt offer to do the regs part on your behalf as it is not rocket science and a quick call to your local building control will set you on your way to doing it yourself.

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Hi Jeni
Yes you will need a structural Engineer to work out the loading on to the RSJ.He will calculate the size ie width and depth depending on the span and how much load it is to take.It might be worth giving building control in your area a ring too, to let them know what you are doing.Do EVERYTHING by the book, if you don't it will come back to haunt you later!
You won't need a QS for this job, just a reputable builder.
Good luck and stay safe!

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

J Chappell Joinery

Member since 30 Jul 2008

You need building regs before you start, the s/e who designs the steels etc will advise you, the builder will work to the s/e recomendations.
It is your responsibility to inform Building Control.

Answered 23rd Oct 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

From our experience, it depends a little on your local area Building Control. Some are happy to offer advice and work with you/your builder to identify what is required, others would want you to have calculations from a structural engineer in order to approve your ideas.

My advice would be to talk to your local council Building Control to get their input first. You'll need to make an application to them anyway, so the earlier you make contact, the better. Alternatively, post your job via 'My Builder' and ask for someone who is prepared to sort this out for you. We have done this for a couple of clients, charging only a nominal fee for arranging the calculations and submitting the building control paperwork. Hope this helps.

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

Sandown Masonry

Member since 7 Oct 2009

Hi Jeni,
You will need a Structural Engineer to visit and create drawings and provide calculations. The Engineer, your builder or you can submit these to Building Control. This is a "formality" but does need to be submitted before you do any work. The Building Control fee is usually based on a % of build cost and is not cost prohibitive.
I hope this helps and good luck.

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

Deccardy Design & Build

Member since 4 Oct 2011

your builder will organise everything

Answered 23rd Oct 2011


Member since 22 Nov 2010

a good structural engineer will do all the calcs and submitt them for you ,you then find a competent builder who has carried these works out b4 ,he then deals with building regs and fits steel to structural calcs simples

Answered 23rd Oct 2011


Member since 7 Jun 2008

You will need building regs and i would speak to a strutural engineer as a self build so you dont get anything wrong.

Answered 23rd Oct 2011

peter hayward

Member since 15 Oct 2011

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