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What is this vent for and can i cover it up?

There is a vent in my lounge and with the colder weather coming in it's making the room really cold. It says on it "do not obstruct" - but the heat is escaping out. Is it only needed if we use the gas fire? we just use the central heating, so can I cover it up? brrrrrrr

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Looks like that could be a gas vent if it says 'Do Not Obstruct' on it.

You maybe able to put an adjustable vent cover over it so it can be opened/closed but not entirely sure.

I'm sure a Gas Safe registered engineer will be able to answer your query better,hopefully a few will read your post and point you in the right direction.



Answered 21st Oct 2011

If you have a gas fire in the room that has the vent then this needs to be left permanently open as when you have your fire on it needs oxygen, if you don't then you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. That said the best thing to do is get a gas safe registered engineer in to check the input of your fire as some fires don't require ventilation.

I hope this answers your question


Answered 23rd Oct 2011

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