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Lots of horizontal lines above each other appearing on plastered walls

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me. I can't seem to find any photos or information on what is happening to my walls in my home. I moved into this house which was built in 1969 just 2 years ago. We spent a lot of money getting the severley blistered and cracked walls back to a good standard.
Only to find that in January after a weekend of freezing weather our newly plastered wall had horizontal lines appear on it. It started at ground level and they go up to about 5-6 ft. We also have this happening on the wall which is above the stairs. We also have what looks like chunks are missing on the walls, also bubbles, mud cracks. The walls have all gone very, very dry to touch and you can even see it. Stranger so, it looks like its gone back to how it was before we moved in . In places you can see the colour paint that was originally on the wall before we painted it. Our newly fitted doors are also getting ruined with small hard lumps on. Also, all the architrave is going ripply and bumpy.
Have you ever come across this before in your line of work. We think it might be due to the fact that the house needs some roof vents fitted. It is a council house and I found out that in 2008 tenants were complaining of condensation when the homes were fitted with radiators. They were built with the old gas blow air system. So with it being an old house I believe it needs to breath.
Because I told the council about the coldness in the house, they removed the ridge vent off my roof. So since Oct last year I have no ventilation what so ever.
I would be very grateful for any advice as I am getting no help from the council and it was basically our life savings we put into this house which is already a mess.
From Oct to April we have severe condensation on windows even though we ventilate and do everything by the book, etc. So we wipe them down, and open all the windows until the humidity as reached 60%.
Our bedding is damp and all of our clothing/ My sons leather jacket has a lot of leather is flaking to bits,as is our furniture starting to blister and crack.
The house is very cold and we have to have the heating on 14 hours a day in winter just for the house to still be cold. The windows and front door are streaming with water some nights around 7pm before we even go to bed. It is making me severley ill and costing us a lot with heating bills. All the money that we put into making the house decent is now going down the drain. I have repeatedly told the housing now for 18 months and they keep saying it is our style of living. It is not. We are the only ones around here having to wipe our windows down every morning, we always use extractor fans and shut doors behind us, we never dry washing in the house,etc.
The humidity in the house reads between 70-85 during the winter and in the summer it is extremely hot and himid and our bedding is still damp

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Its down to ventilation. houses these days are built to keep heat in I personal dont think its healthy only on the fuel bill. It sounds like its from with in the property and the moisture is not getting out. bubbles on plaster is down to moisture and any damp is known to have salt marks on it the bubbles break like fresh baked bread crust. I would get some more vents installed and any blocked fire places re vent them

Answered 5th Jul 2016

Wayne T Goulding Plastering

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