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No pii on already submitted and approved building reg plans

As a complete newcomer to submitting plans for any form of building work, we have recently begun steps to knock two semi-detached cottages into one property.
The plans were drawn up by a family friend who is a retired architect who also used to sit on the local Council planning board therefore knows the do's and dont's very well.
The building regulations were approved in full and all fees paid and we are now at a position to start knocking through the two houses.
To finance the work we are having to take out a development loan to pay off both mortgages then refinance by way of the one mortgage for the completed property.
Our problem is that the finance company have now asked, the day before supposed completion, for a copy of the architects Professional indemnity insurances, which of course he hasn't got, unbeknown to us it was even required (beginners stupidity!!)

We're not sure another architect would take on the responsibility as the plans are already approved. Would us hiring a chartered surveyor suffice?
Any ideas of options available to us would be very welcome and we already know we've been foolish in the first place!!
Many thanks

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The approved drawings could ultimately have been carried out by anybody - with or without PI insurance, you could have done the drawings yourself! You used your family friend purely because of his expertise and experience . I believe the finance company will require PI insurance from whoever is going to be certify the works for lending purposes - this can be done two ways
OPTION 1. A Professional Consultants Certificate (aka PCC) - used to be known as an Architects Certificate
OPTION 2. Recognised 10 Year Structural Building Warranty e.g. NHBC warranty.
I would query with your lender to get clarification on the matter. However, you should readily find a company with relevant PI insurance who will inspect and provide a certificate of inspection (under either option 1 or 2 above)

King Regards



Answered 18th Jun 2016

If the actual construction work has not been started then someone like myself (I do this kind of work all the time) would be willing to inspect and issue the relevant Professional Consultants Certificates (I have £1million PII). If, however, the work has been carried out then you will have great difficulty resolving the issue as it would not sit well with professional institutes code of conduct to issue certificates for unseen work. The previous answer is quite correct that there is no statutory requirement for PII when doing plans, it is usually just a requirement of the professional institutes code of conduct and obviously good common sense.


Answered 23rd Jun 2016

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