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Do you need a pressure flush if you already had a power flush 8 months ago with a new boiler and magnaclean installed?

Had a power flush 8 months ago with a new boiler and magnaclean installed. However, the radiators are not hot at the moment.

A plumber said that the radiators are the issue. The hot water is passing the radiator valves because they get hot on both sides and the radiator panels do not heat up. He suggests a pressure flush for all the radiators.

Another plumber said the valves are broken; I need to replace all the valves.

Who is providing the correct information?
Not brand new radiators. Only 1 not working and another 2 warm not hot. Radiators on 1st floor are boiling hot but the ground floor is not. Please let me have your thoughts. Thank you.
Not sure whether it's full pipe rerun but didn't replace any pipes; so does it mean resused same pipes? Someone said there are metal at the bottom of the radiator as magnets can stick at the bottom but not the top. Is that valid? Thank you.

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Hi there,It could be that your engineer who flushed your system did not do it thoroughly.
It could be a problem with the valves or you may have a one pipe heating circuit system which may be piped the wrong way round.....Brian
Are the pipes to the ground floor radiators running down from above.
can you remove the heads from the valves that are not working to see if that is the problem...Brian
Hi there,it sounds to me like you need a proper engineer round to have a look.and not some handyman....Brian


Answered 11th Mar 2011

try closing the valves on all the rads apart from the one furthest away from the pump,if this gets hot then continue turning on rads back to the boiler,might be a flow problem.restricting the flow on the closest to the pump forces water to others,hope this helps


Answered 21st Mar 2011

Mate if both valves are gettin warm but not the rad its a ONE pipe system !!!!


Answered 8th May 2011

GET THE PLUMBER BACK TO LOOK AT IT, OR HAVE YOU BEEN RIPPED OFF BY A COW BOY! OR WILL HE NOT COME BACK! I SUSPECT SO! WHATS A PRESSURE FLUSH? VALVES BROKEN? WHAT A MESS! A decent gas engineer wouldn't put a new boiler on a one pipe system,and neither would he leave broken valves! did he put new TRVs on all radiators? did he put a bypass rad in? Has the benchmark boiler book been filled in? have you had a gas safe cert?

too much to get back to me about..



Answered 4th Apr 2012

hello quick question did u get brand rad fitted at the time the boiler was fitted

Do you know if it was a full pipe rerun they did or reused same pipes


Answered 10th Mar 2011

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