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Is there fault with shower (mira pronta mixer bar with diverter)?

My shower is cold when I put on full flow and maximum temperature setting. I can get it hot by turning down the flow but it's not like it used to be flow-wise. I have a combi boiler and have set max temp on that to be 65 degrees and I have a good water pressure: there is a good flow from the hot taps and it's very hot.
I've had the shower for nearly two years but hardly ever use it. It used to produce hot at max pressure and temperature.
Is it likely to be a faulty thermostatic valve cylinder? Is that a typical symptom of a faulty cylinder or is that likely to be more drastic like no hot water at all, or no cold. I can't think that my incoming water pressure has changed.
I've contacted Mira who said it's under warranty and they will send someone but were very keen to say if it's not a fault I will have to pay £75 which I don't want to if it's not faulty.
I don't think it can be the maximum temperature setting on the shower as it used to be fine and that has never been changed?
They also said my combi boiler might be struggling to heat the water which I can't believe as it used to work fine.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,

Update: I've just tried it and can get hot water if I reduce the pressure control slightly. It's okay and useable and I suppose someone wouldn't know the pressure was slightly reduced, but it bugs me that I can't have it on max as it used to. I suspect Mira will say there is nothing wrong and charge me.

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Sounds like it's the thermostatic cartridge that is faulty. Which means its not switching over to the hot water properly when you turn the temperature knob. Mira should replace this as it's a faulty part if its under guarantee. Hope this helps and you get it resolved :)


Answered 20th May 2016

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