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Actis boost hybrid


I need to find an insulation solution. Attic room, always been a bedroom. Old lathe and plaster removed, and it will be re roofed in the next couple of months.
I don't really want to use Celotex or similar because of the depth, which will reduce headroom. A roofer has recommended Actis boost hybrid. Is this a good product?
I was otherwise thinking of thermafleece, or possibly Tlx.
Any views on any of these?

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I have used Actis boost hybrid on older buildings several times. The principal reason I would recommend it is that it is breathable, which is particularly important in a property of this age. Under no circumstanced should you use impermeable insulation such as Celotex in these older houses as they rely on natural evaporation of moisture to avoid damp. Where the insulation stops this process, the condensation is often channelled into the walls and ceiling of the room below and causes damp patches.


Answered 14th May 2016

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