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Is it ok to plaster over polystyrene tiles?

I hired a plasterer to remove the polystyrene tiles on my kitchen ceiling and then skim the ceiling. He did not remove the tiles but just skimmed plaster over them. I was not in the house at the time and have just found this out a few months later while having other work done. Is it OK to plaster over polystyrene tiles?

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That's disgraceful. Although I have seen (and corrected it), no-one should plaster over any covering, even paper, A reputable tradesman would never do this. Get them back in to do the job properly, under threat of legal action if necessary!


Answered 12th May 2016

No tradesmen would never plaster over polystyrene tiles 😂...!!!

Crazy but unfortunately you guys
Didn’t hire any tradesmen/Plasterer
To carry out this work..
Yeah it’s a must to remove all polystyrene tiles before any plastering works was carried out..

Polystyrene tiles are fire haesed
& Should’ve been removed first

Wouldn’t even phone this guy back
Report him & call real tradesmen to remove all tiles from ceiling..
Best regards
Troweltradeplasterers 👍


Answered 8th Jan 2018

Never plaster over polystyrene tiles


Answered 13th May 2016

the answer is no not at all never


Answered 11th May 2016

That's absolutely disgraceful conduct. Never ever should you plaster over polystyrene tiles.that is not a tradesman.


Answered 22nd Feb 2019

NO!!! I can't believe that this has been done never mind that the plaster has even keyed to polystyrene tiles. The only thing that is holding your ceiling up is tile adhesive!! These tiles give off nasty/harmful fumes if there is ever a fire and MUST be removed. Get the guy back to do the job properly (if you can trust him) Good Luck Terry


Answered 13th May 2016

The Awnser is no ! The tiles must be removed before any sort of work can be considered.


Answered 23rd Mar 2022

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