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New boiler fitted on the benchmark it says system was flushed with tf3

Hiya thanks for reply on boiler that may need flushed. My argument is that I am aware of the pressure dropping is due to a leak. But the leaks that have been found were on the TF1 valve and also there was a leak which nearly flooded my kitchen and I got repaired. However another engineer come out from Valiant and said the system water quality Code 3 had failed. On the benchmark it asked whether the installation was in a hard water area and the guy put "no" which is false. All I am asking is that I thought it was regulations to flush a new system especially as my other boiler was 17 years old. What is the point of putting a new boiler in an old system. Nothing was discussed with me about this and I am sure this must be causing problems to the new boiler. When it was first installed all it did was hum. I have taped it.since day one it has not been right but actually has settled down but when I found the report from gas safe saying about the 200ppm in February I was not at the premises and shortly afterwards I had the flood. I have had so much problems and if I am in a hard water area is it not when they install the boiler they are supposed to flush system as I was never advised anything about this. It's like they are saying on benchmark they have flushed system but Valiant are saying it requires flush. And you know that will invalidate my warranty. If they keep changing the pump and diverted which is probably caused by the contamination of water then what is happening. Nobody talks to one another and all I want to know is WHEN I GET A NEW BOILER SHOULD THEY NOT HAVE ADVISED ME TO GET A FLUSH..?? Who is responsible for it me or them??? I can not understand WHY they have fitted a system if it is in a hard water area it is obviously going to cause problems. I did not know anything about all this at the beginning but I have had so many sleepless nights with that machine and WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?????
If I talk with Valiant they do not know what is going on with northern gas...Have they flushed the system or not???? And if not, why not because that would make my warranty be invalidated. It does not make sense to me. I wish I had kept my old boiler as it never went wrong. I am thinking of going to a solicitor b cause they have me all confused and not very helpful when they come out. Two diverted have been replaced in 8 months and TF1 filter there was a leak. The leak from my pipe caused a lot of water damage but I managed to get it stopped before the place flooded so if it was flushed why is it needing flushed five months later or do installers just put these things on the benchmark and say they have been flushed when it has not. WHEN A BOILER IS INSTALLED IS IT NOT UP TO THE I STALLER TO TELL THE OWNER THAT THE SYSTEM NEEDS FLUSHED????? I have read that it needs to be flushed to comply with BS 75993 instructions
One person has answered and I am very grateful but not familiar with site

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Hi sorry to hear this. Every boiler that is installed should be flushed in accordance with British standards.It is the responsibility of the installer to carry this out. All good installers will check the quality of water before installation to check how much flushing is required. The flushing is in relation to the heating circuit and how clean it is, this is measured in ppm. I would go into more detail but I don't think it's needed. The installer should keep flushing until the system is clean. If this is not done the manufacture WILL void your warranty as the installation is not there responsibility. With regards to your hard water area, this is on about your cold mains water/hot water. Manufactures say if you live in a hard water area a scale reducer should be fitted to the cold going into the boiler, if this isn't done the hard water can adversely affect the parts in the boiler which is why this also voids your warranty.

So, if the boiler hasn't been installed to the standards the the manufacturer (Vaillant) says that it needs to be installed to then Vaillant are well within the right to say it's not their fault it's the installers. This is completely the installers fault. He hasn't cleaned the system properly or put enough/any chemical in to protect heating system, and hasn't installed a cold water scale reducer. Hope this is clear enough for you.


Answered 4th May 2016

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