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A lifespan of a roof

The previous owners of the house said that the roof was done 20 years ago and they have not had any problems with it since then. Could you please give us a general idea of when the roof would need replacing again? Is it likely to be in 5 or in 50 years from now? Thank you

concrete tiles, pitched roof, a typical terraced house from the 1930s

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gereral recomendation is to replace the underfelt every 20=-25yrs

but basically if its not causing a problem dont do anything,

depending on what roofing material is on the roof

anything from 35-100+yrs

concrete tiles have a life span of approx 50-70yrs
slate depending on the quaility 35-100+ yrs


Answered 21st Oct 2011

Hello - What type of roof is it? i.e slate, concrete tiles , flat roof etc.

If you keep on top of any maintenance issues , you should expect another 40 years + The under felt will deteriorate more quickly, however, won't need replaced under normal circumstances.


Answered 20th Oct 2011

More details of the type of roof is required. I would day at a guess at least another 37 years. Typically 60 years lifespan, check every 5 years from then.


Answered 19th Oct 2011

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