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Winter damp patches not sure what is causing it

Dear All Tradesman,

There are paint crumbling away in my kitchen wall. The most obvious part is one corner where my extraction fan is, and also behind my washing machine. I notice that my kitchen wall has damp patches from time to time during winter. Once it is dried out, it is fine. However the corner of my kitchen due to consistent damp patches, the paint is crumbling away.

I have looked up online and also ask council's damp team ( it is a ex-council property managing by the council) to investigate. From what I read online it seems that the issue is due to the external walls temperature changing. However, when the council's team came for investigation, their conclusions are confusing. When the guy came to investigate he said he would raise the job to fix it, but later when I asked for update, the team said the job is close and it is due to a leak upstairs which is my responsibility.

To cut my story short, how can I properly investigate what is causing damp patches, wall paint to crumble away with mould growing from time to time? If the problem is caused by temperture changes of external wall, does that mean the wall require insulation from inside or outside?

I hope I explained my situation clear and sound.

Thank you very much.

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one thing comes to mind is I assume the property is post war 1950's, it could be the bricks on the outside are breaking down or the mortar(cement), it sounds like moister coming in through the walls in cold wet winters. As a quick fix you could paint the outside part of the wall with Thomson sealer. It's a clear liquid like water to be honest, but once on it repels water just like a car which has just been waxed. Obviously if the mortar or/and bricks are breaking down with age this will need to be repaired or if its been rendered.
Hope this helps


Answered 28th Apr 2016

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