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Hi my hot water tap in bathroom will not switch off i have turned the hot water off i am not even getting any hot water

i have had no hot water for 3 days and the water tank is in the kitchen uk

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Hi either the washer in the tap has come off or if it is a quarter turn tap the ceramic discs have broken, you may have an isolation valve under the tap on the inward pipe work which you can turn off, this will isolate the faulty tap allowing you to function normally.

Answered 16th Oct 2011


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This sounds like either your washer for your hot tap has broken away, or your tap seat has been worn down through a dripping tap. I would suggest a new tap, its obviously flowing and not allowing the new water to warm up.

Answered 17th Oct 2011

East Kent Property services Ltd

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It sounds like your taps valve has broken, if the tap won't switch off. No hot water could mean your boiler is not working properly.

Answered 17th Oct 2011

Phil The Plumber

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sounds like a simple valve replacement, post the job on this website and get a plumber to sort it for you

domestic maintenance services

Answered 16th Oct 2011

domestic maintenance services

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Hi sounds like your washer has broke up
So therefor nothing to shut water off
You may have a ballofix valve on supply
To the tap which you could isolate defective
Tap by turning slot across pipe
Regards ian

Answered 17th Oct 2011


Member since 14 Oct 2011

It sounds like the washer on the tap is not holding the pressure back as it should. I had to go and sort the same problem last week for one of my custermers. The part you need should cost under £1. If you have any plumbing experance it is very easy to do.

Answered 17th Oct 2011

peter hayward

Member since 15 Oct 2011

post this in the jobs, plumbing section and get a plumber round to fix it

Answered 16th Oct 2011

ADR Property Maintenance

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Answered 17th Oct 2011

MK of Fulham Electrical

Member since 19 Feb 2009

may I suggest you post a job as we need more info.

if your tap wont turn off then you need a new tap. but if your not getting hot water, there could be a number of reasons.

Answered 17th Oct 2011

Deans Heating

Member since 22 Jan 2010

Hi you need to change the washer in the tap inners, or buy to tap inners about a tenner

Answered 17th Oct 2011


Member since 11 Oct 2011

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