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How to re-pressurize potterton promax combi he plus

Anonymous user 23 April 2016 - 4.51 PM

Hi, I have a potterton promax combi he plus boiler. I woke up this morning and had no hot water. Checked the boiler and it says Error 119. I researched online and in the manual but the pictures in manual and others online did not look like the set up I have. Thanks! Pic of underneath boiler: http://imgur.com/64zftA8

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Falcon Plumbing
Rating: 4.9 out of 54.9562 reviews

If you need to re-pressure your Potterton Promax combi he plus boiler this means you are getting E1 error code There should be 2 black valve under your boiler one on the left turn it left then one on the right turn to right you will then hear water passing true it , watch the gage until it gets 1.5 bar then turn the both valve back to original state


6 June 2016