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Have used silk emulsion on new plaster as a mist coat - help!

Hi There,

I recently had my bedroom walls and ceiling skimmed. I waited until the plaster had dried out completely and then used a silk emulsion (watered down 50/50 with water) to mist coat the walls/ceiling. I did this twice.

I knew I was meant to use Matt emulsion but I simply picked up the wrong paint and have only just noticed (before I put on the overcoats).

Can someone please give me some advice on what I am best to do now?

Should I sand back the walls/ceiling and start again (which will take an age) or should I just go ahead and apply a silk overcoat? If so should I water it down?

I presume I shouldn't use a Matt overcoat now but is that right?

The other alternative is to gently rub the silk mist coats back 9as opposed to a complete sand back) just to give them a key etc.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read!

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Sand it all and repaint with 50/50 emulsion 😄👍


Answered 29th Mar 2016

Hi rub down the silk , give one coat mat emulsion 50/50 and then you can top coat with silk hope that's helps .


Answered 31st Mar 2016

Light sand and apply top coat whit 100% silk no water .
Good luck 👍


Answered 29th Mar 2016

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