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Light bulbs all gone in one half of a living space and all of them in the kitchen?

Can anyone explain why this might have happened and what it takes to solve the problem? They all went out after flicking the switch on for the kitchen.

The trip switch has been reset but this has not solved the issue.

Any advice would be helpful.

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Hello, if these are low voltage spot lights it could be the transformer that has blown.

If not it might be a faulty circuit breaker or a damaged circuit.

You really need a registered electrician to take a look if resetting the circuit breaker didn't help.


Answered 12th Oct 2011

Low Voltage Lights with one transformer which may have a separate fuse on it or the lights maybe fed from a fused spur on a ring main (sometimes done in Kitchens)
It could be a faulty switch overloaded by a fault on the circuit or a loose cable within the switch touching an earth, the possibilities are numerous.
I should put it up as a job on my builder and let us know the outcome.
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Answered 13th Oct 2011


Most likely a faulty transformer or break in the cable. If you live in a rural area mice can be a problem, they love those tasty cables!


Answered 13th Oct 2011

Appears to me that the most likely explanation for what you are describing is that a cable has come adrift somewhere. This could be due to a loose connection or a terminal screw been over tightened and cut the cable.

Either way it is important that you get it looked at as loose connections heat and are a potential fire hazard.


Answered 15th Oct 2011

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