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Extractor fan boost switch

Hi folks
I have 3 extractor fans throughout the house, they all work together at the same time, I have as well three boost switchs (1 in the kitchen one in the hallway and one upstairs) I only can switch them off from one switch in the main electric box, which is not convenient. Is there a way to change the boost switch in the hallway to on/off switch? There is 4 wires behind it: white, black, green-yellow and brown.
Thank you.

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Sounds like an odd arrangement. Do you have a problem with condensation in the property or other ventilation issues? To turn them all off at the same time from somewhere other than the fuse board depends on how they have been wired. They ought to be all in series if they are on the same circuit. That is one after the other. Probably the fan closest to the fuse board will be the best place to isolate all of them. the white cable will link them all together. There should be a blue neutral as well if you want to isolate them all completely. Also to carry out this work you'll require RCD protection at the fuse board as it would be classed as new wiring work. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss it further.

Many Thanks

Sinclair@Internal Repairs


Answered 6th Mar 2016

Would be straight forward to put an isolator switch near to the first fan in the circuit from your Consumer Unit (fuse board). No RCD protection required for this type of circuit, assuming cabling is run correctly. Regards Mark


Answered 26th Feb 2018

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