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Can you double glaze a single glazed window?

We are looking at buying an old house which has a variety of wooden Windows, most of which look like the need some repair, or at the very least sanding and reprainting.

There are two square bay windows at the front. These are made up of single glazed squares just under a foot in size. There is then some pretty ugly secondary glazing, which is broken.

I'd like to get rid of the secondary glazing and put in double (or even triple?) glazing to reduce both heat loss and noise.

Is it possible to alter the existing Windows? Or will I have to replace them?

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yes anything is possible
there is a process called stepped units. you can have double glazed units in a single glazed frame even if there isnt enough cavity on the outside. ask any glass manufacturer about this and im sure they would love to help... ps these are harder to make and install, so does come with an extra cost....


Answered 5th Mar 2016

Hi the yes this is possible however you need to measure the depth of the Windows because most double glazed units are 28m deep

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Answered 3rd Mar 2016

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