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A question about tilt and turn windows

I seem to have somehow opened my window whilst it was tilted. I've tried everything I can think of to rectify it, but nothing seems to work. It's almost as if the top part has come off the hinge. The window handle seems to also be jammed and won't move any way. Any ideas on how to fix would be gratefully received. Thanks

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The window mechanism needs reset
There is usually a spring or button ne'er the handle
On the inside edge of the window
Hold this spring back and turn the handle up
To reset the mechanism


Answered 6th Mar 2011

Looks as tho the mechanism is in two minds normally closing the window and putting pressure on the sash part to keep it closed is sufficient to make it work again ,sometimes there is a little spring on the sash near the handle you don't normally notice but with the window open this locks the movement of the handle pressing the spring or closing the window do's the same job , if still having problems consult an expert the window might need setting up physically if its old as they do drop , not an expensive job half hour to 3/4 shold ber sufficient


Answered 27th Mar 2011

It sounds like the locking gear has slipped some teeth on the gearing I would of thought this is a little bit too complicated for a diy repair, someone within the window industry should be able to sort this out for you and as already stated not a big job.


Answered 9th Apr 2011

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