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I am currently in the process of moving my Alarm control box about 2 foot away from its current location. My question how can I extend the alarm cable? The cable will be secured behind plasterboard, however whats the best method for joining the cable?

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I agree with the above, soldering is the way to go. However, if you do decide to use terminal strips you can use ferrules as a means of provide a thicker connection on the wires. Once the ferrule is crimped to the wire this then goes into the terminal strip and provides more surface area for contact and the concern with breaking the cable is reduced.

A.S Electrics


Answered 26th Apr 2016

Hi, The best way to extend any alarm or phone cable would be using UY connectors, unless you can solder. but it might get abit messy if your doing more than just one cable, i'd advise just running new ones in if thats at all possible.

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Answered 3rd Mar 2016

Soldering and sleeving is the preferred connection technique , what I would advise is firstly a drawing, secondly a couple of good photos , thirdly label every cable and core , fourthly disconnect the bellbox battery so it doesnt completely discharge from sounder going off. And dont actually disconnect the wires from each panel terminal at this stage, cut them half inch from terminal and reinstate the new wires one for one colour for colour when doing the final reconnections.


Answered 28th Mar 2017

Solder and heat shrink sleaving is the preferred method for joining alarm cable where possible although jelly crimps work just as well. If using terminal strip be careful not to overtighten the screws as alarm cable breaks quite easily.
Nick Harris


Answered 4th Apr 2016


The best method I feel would be to before disconnecting anything, label your cables so you know what cables go to what terminals in the main control panel. Then if you have any jelly crimps, terminal chock block or soldering kit to extend the new alarm cable (6core or 8core) like for like cores i.e. red to red and black to black etc would all be a good choice, with sleeve protection.

After please try to test cable with meter if you can to save less time in fault finding if any.

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Answered 27th Dec 2016

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