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Best paint for kitchen and bathroom walls and ceiling - and front door!

After researching best paint to use for my kitchen and bathroom, I'm thoroughly confused! Some people say best to use a special kitchen or bathroom paint (I've come across Dulux Kitchen / Bathroom +. Others say it's fine to use a matt emulsion. I'd already decided to go with Dulux Timeless Classics range for entire house so would have to rethink colour scheme for the kitchen and bathroom if I need to use special paint. Also, I was planning to use Dulux magic white paint for all ceilings. But should I use a different paint for the kitchen and bathroom ceilings?

Finally, what paint should I use for my front door? And does anyone have any tips on how I can decide on a colour?? Really can't decide!

Thanks v much everyone!

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The correct paint to use on your kitchen/bathroom ceilings is a good white matt emulsion.However on your walls Dulux Diamond matt emulsion is the best paint as it is tough and durable and can be wiped without discolouring.Can only
be purchased at a trade shop and can mixed to your choice of colours.
As for your front door any exterior gloss(Dulux Weathershield) and the same in an undercoat in light colours as this gives better protection against the suns ultra violet rays.

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Answered 15th Oct 2011

On no account must you use matt or vinyls silk emulsion in your kitchen or bathroom,you must use formulated kitchen and bathroom paint which contains a mould inibitor


Answered 13th Mar 2015


Normal Matt paint would be fine to use in most instances? unless your bathroom/kitchen is badly ventilated and you get a high amount of moisture hanging around then i would suggest you use Dulux Trade Soft Sheen Paint which you can get mixed up into any colour. Don't know if they do this in B&Q may have to go into Brewers to get this, will be more exspensive than Matt but best for Damp bathrooms. But if your bathroom is ventilated well enough then just use normal Matt.

Just use normal white matt emulsion for your ceilings best one is Dulux Trade White gives a perfect finish.

Would recommend not using magic white especially in bathroom and kitchen as could turn slightly pink when it gets damp from steam?

Use an Exterior Gloss paint for your front door again use a Dulux paint, Trade paint if possible it gives a good finish and is hard wearing, sorry cant really help with the colour pick anything you like or something to blend with the surrounding area.

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Jon Allen


Answered 10th Oct 2011

To be honest with you the paint to use on your walls in the bathroom and kitchen is dulux trade vinyl silk. this is designed for bathrooms and kitchens as you are able to wipe down without smudging or removing any paint. If you do go for this type of paint you can also get any colour mixed, so if you have already chose a colour from the classic range they will be able to mix that colour in vinyl silk.

regards to your front door i always choose by what is in at the time and go different. Take a drive/walk and see what colours are out there and if alot are say green then go black or blue. also take in to account the colours of your window and walls/brickwork, if the walls are light coloured then get something that stands out so when people are driving/walking by they turn and say wow look at that, and if you walls are dark coloured then go for something a little more suttle as it will make you exterior more cosy and humble looking.

hope this has helped


Answered 12th Oct 2011

Hi Always use a dulux trade vinyl silk or vinyl soft sheen for kitchen and bathrooms ceilings/walls with high moisture, especially when there is bad ventilation as these paints stop water penetrating into the walls causing stains, and paint to peel etc.
If there is good ventilation then a Vinyl matt would be ok to use on ceilings. But always go for a silk/soft sheen on walls in these two rooms as they tend to get high amounts of moisture and regularly need wiping down so use a wipeable paint that doesn't smudge.
The front door once prepared for painting should be painted with minimum of 2 undercoats in Dulux weathershield followed by 1/2 coats of weathershield gloss for maximum protection.
To choose the colour always try to match it with surrounding area like match with the fascia boards or match with garage/shed door.


Answered 6th Mar 2017

Best paint to use on kitchen and bathroom ceilings is crown bathroom ceiling paint its a fantastic paint and anti mould.. can also be bought is B&Q or tool station and is also affordable. or you can use a acrylic eggshell for the bathroom ceiling and kitchen a super matt emulsion. flat matt is also a good paint for kitchen and bedrooms excluding bathrooms. walls you can get a hardwearing Leyland paint much more ffordable then diamond matt, durable matt etc.. does just the same job. you can buy it at shades in Chigwell or leylands..

Front door you can pretty much use any oil based paints.. gloss is less desirable due to showing up pretty much anything and everything. satins and also Valspar is a great paint if that helps..
B&Q Have a large range I'm sure they would be happy to assist you on



Answered 28th Sep 2016

I personally use Dulux trade paints for most of my work, and for bathrooms and kitchens I would recommend Diamond Eggshell. Very hard wearing and wipeable, perfect for anywhere where there is steam/moisture, and also in high traffic areas, like hallways etc. Always ventilate your rooms well too. Hope this helps.


Answered 22nd May 2020

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