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Concrete or paving slabs?

We are creating an area in our garden (fairly large) for the dogs. This will be fenced off. Its lawn at the moment but we want it more like a patio. What would be cheaper someone to lay paving slabs or to get someone in to lay concrete?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi I would imagine there would not be a great deal of difference in cost depending on which slabs you decide to use, the preparation is pretty much the same, however you will need to dig down deeper for a concrete base to get a decent thickness of concrete. The price of concrete varies the cheapest way to buy it is a full load delivered a part load will cost a lot more.The biggest cost of any patio is in the ground digging out and getting rid of the spoil. The other thing to consider is having a run off for the waste when you hose the area down. And please consider your neighbours even areas that are kept clean can become quite smelly especially in the summer. I know from putting a fence up by an area for two dogs. Perhaps sealing the concrete/slabs would be a good idea to stop the waste soaking in, and planting herbs or lavender nearby. Hope this is some help Pete.


Answered 15th Apr 2013

Hi there,everybody has given you a good answer,but the best one for you would be chapman landscaping said concrete will hold the smell....and trust me on a hot summers day he is right it will STINK AS paving slabs would do aswell,get it imprinted and they will seal it for you and it will also be a lot nicer on the eye,it will hose off very easy and will not smell,my friend has 3 lurches and we got it done in his back looks good and NEVER smells,this is definately the best way forward for you,it generally works out top price about £50 sqm including dig out e.t.c!!multiply the length of the area by the width then multiply by 50,that should give you a round about installation price.


Answered 7th Mar 2011

not much price difference so it comes down to cost and taste and overall quality. concrete is cheap and cheerful but concrete imprint is expensive but attractive. likewise for slabs....plain greys or buff are cheap and cheerful whereas more costly slabs are expensive and attractive.


Answered 7th Mar 2011

depends what your after ,concrete will be cheaper but uninspiring ,where as there are some nice slabs on the market which will make it look more inviting but will cost more


Answered 5th Mar 2011

this will depend on your budget.if you want something plain and simple then concrete would be easier and shouldnt take any longer then a day to dig out and prepare with compacted hardcore(usually 100mm)and to pour the concrete.
although laying slabs will be more costly it would make the garden look more concrete does crack and will wear quite quickly.
i hope this helps


Answered 26th Mar 2011

hi,slabs are much nicer to look at when in the garden.just remember when you have concrete and you are for ever cleaning that much that you are likely to take the top surface of the concrete and it will not look nice.don,t matter how strong the concrete is ,that with all that cleaning it has to give at some time.slabs are easy to clean.thanks nick


Answered 6th Mar 2011

I would say slabs are cheaper and look far better than concrete.
Dig down, 100/150mm type 1 mot, leveled to falls, compact.
Choose slabs of choice, lay on solid bed of 4 sand, screed or coarse, to 1 cement.
Point up all joints.
You will need to dig down deeper for concrete, to allow for minimum of 100mm concrete on top of hardcore, if large area you may need mesh, also if prep work not done correctly, cracks can appear, also you dont want to be laying concrete in rain or low temperatures, or chances of frost.
Also extra cost of either mixer hire or ready mix, heavy work.


Answered 6th Mar 2011

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