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Fitting induction hob into 18mm ceramic worktop

Anonymous user 8 February 2016 - 9.59 PM

Hi, I was wondering whether anyone could explain to me how to fit an induction (in fact 2x gas, 2x induction from AEG http://www.aeg.co.uk/products/cooking/hobs/gas---induction-hobs/hd634170nb/ ) into a thin 18mm high ceramic worktop. As per the instructions the hob needs 30mm thick 'worktop' (I am not talking about the space underneath, there are another 20mm required, but that is fine. My questions now is, how do you best increase the thickness of a worktop? Glue a frame under? What material (wood?) and with what type of glue? I would greatly appreciate any shared experience or guidance. Thanks marcel

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JPL Building Services
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Hi Marcel, I would use 18mm fire resistant MDF under your worktop. It is very easy to work with, but make sure you use a face mask when cutting or sanding. Once you have cut the MDF to size seal it with a matt varnish this prevents it from producing dust. To glue it I would use low modulus neutral cure silicone, you will not need to use much. Joe


17 March 2016