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What kind of gas fire is suitable after old back boiler removed?

Anonymous user 7 February 2016 - 4.53 PM

I've recently had an old back boiler and gas fire removed, and the gas supply capped. I'm now left with an empty space and would like a new gas fire. I'm after finding out what kind of flue will be left behind or if there are any special requirements so I know what fires will be suitable. I will be hiring a gas safe engineer to do the work once I have found one that I like, can afford and will work! Thank you in advance.

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Edwards Heating
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Your chimney will have had a flue liner dropped down it for the back boiler. This liner will need to be removed/replaced for your new fire depending on what type of fire you fit. Most likely your new gas fire will need the liner removed and the flue tested for soundness.


7 February 2016