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Fascia and soffits - upvc cladding

I'm having my existing painted wooden fascias and soffits cladded with upvc and wanted to know if it is ok to just clad straight over the existing original ones or would that potentially cause problems as the existing original wooden sofits and fascia's underneath would have no ventilation once they have been clad?

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Take them off and do a proper job is my advice πŸ‘ wont take long to remove them and you'll still be left with plenty to fix to. Leave the timber there itll most likely rot.


Answered 1st Feb 2016

If the timber is sound then it is okay, although some disagree. If there is any doubt, timbers should be replaced, in part or full, as necessary. The timber itself can still 'breathe' behind as it were. If you think about it, most painted fascias are not breathable on their face due to the paint films, so the cladding over is no different in that respect. I recently did a job and showed the client 3 others in the Cul de Sac I had done in about 2003, still there, still sound, still performing!

However, the key is arguably the ventilation, which should always be introduced if possible. It can be over fascias or in the soffits, various types / methods available. See the following link for further advice,

Hope that helps, thanks, Jason.


Answered 1st Feb 2016

I never pvc over old timber because the old clad does rot and in time the whole lot will fall off. So my opinion do a proper job plus it looks better


Answered 23rd Apr 2016

I agree with most of what is said above never over clad in my eyes it's a waste of money, what we do is for instance if it is a concrete interlocking tile like a mendip, double Roman take the 1st row of tiles out then remove the fascia etc once all the old materials are removed fit new wooden chocks to the roof rafters at the end screw one at each end and then string line from one end to the other, by doing that ensures your soffit board goes 100% level which then makes the fascia go level this will ensure that when you run your gutter on a fall for the water to go to the downpipes will run exactly correct.ventalation can now be installed on top of the fascia aswell which is a lot more tidier as the circle vents underneath after a few years look old and dirty.


Answered 8th Aug 2017

My opinion on this matter by covering over the old ward you are covering the problem timber work should always be stripped off and replaced 18 mil replacement that is why they are bringing out this design to do away with the old timber work so if you are going to have ajob done have it done the right way


Answered 22nd Apr 2018

Yes you can go over the top as long as the wood is solid and sound but you should drill out ventilation holes to keep the air flow going so the old cladding won't rot


Answered 4th Oct 2017

Although it is possible to clad over existing fascias only if the wood is of sound condition you should always do a damp test first and fit ventilation soffits but I always recommend total replacement to ensure a thorough job


Answered 2nd Oct 2017

Old wood will rot now matter what fit and forget mostle people that don't now much about upvc cap them over replacement is the only way


Answered 16th Mar 2017

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