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Can you remove the chimney brest from ground floor without removing the upper levels?

Can I remove the chimney brest from the ground floor flat without removing them from the upstairs flat in a converted 1930s house?

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Yes this is regularly done for clients & is relatively straight forward.

We would need to explore the flooring above the chimney to expose the joist, giving access to calculate the dimensions of re-enforced steel joist to sit within the ceiling / floor void, therefore removing the bulk head, or inner beam visible within the ground floor space.

The removal begins with Acro Beams installed no more than 800mm apart, on a level & static base, fitting Strong Boy extensions to the top & once a suitable recess has been cut into the Chimney breast brickwork above your desired finished level; the Strong Boys slot into the cut recess & provide the necessary support to remove from the top downward the brickwork carefully, due to the hollow nature of the structure, large sections may come away more easier than others, so take care.

once you have cleared all the debris, your RSJ supplied [following your calculations to the steel suppliers to ensure the correct span & weigh tolerance] can be fitted into the side walls or onto brick pillars in the ground floor area.

This is a very dusty & dirty job. Ensure the correct protective footwear & clothing is worn with mask & goggles are essential.
It is also worth noting to close up with tape & plastic sheeting any doorways that may allow the dust to penetrate the rest of your house.

This type of task will take 2 men one day, with the correct supports, breaker tools & lintel to be installed all available. The RSJ will require slate packing driven into the space around for structural integrity & cemented in to complete.

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Answered 26th Feb 2016

You can yes.... But you'd have to prop the joists above and put in strong boys to support the walls above, youd most likely have to install an rsj too, best bet is hire an engineer 👍


Answered 1st Feb 2016

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